Quick Snap Bungee Collar

Maximize your dog’s comfort and get the best contact reliability from your e-collar, no matter how big or small your pup is!

Get better contact reliability

When training your dog with an e-collar, you want to be sure they get in contact so they don’t miss a signal. The ¾-inch Black Bungee Collar ensures your dog will get the message.

Keeps up with comfort

With sizes up to 33 inches and cut to smaller sizes as little as 10 inches, this long buckle collar employs biothane material. Coupled with a Bungee loop, it gives hours of comfort while enhancing contact for better reliability.

Choose your width

Available in ¾-inch or 1-inch width sizes, you can choose the right Black Bungee Collar for your dog and train them with ease.

Proudly made from quality and durable materials in the USA!

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