Pet Corrector

Get your pet’s attention fast to correct negative behavior in an instant with the Pet Corrector, the must-have training tool you need to turn bad behaviors into positive ones!

Used and recommended by trainers worldwide

Dr. Roger Mugford is at it again with another creation developed along with the makers of quality pet brands like Halti, Baskerville, and Clix to present the Pet Corrector from The Company of Animals. This handy training tool helps get your dog’s attention instantly when you see unwanted behavior and allows you to correct it by giving a positive command followed by a reward.

Creates hissing sound from compressed air

Your dog will start listening immediately from the hissing sound the Pet Corrector emits. It simulates the same sound a snake or cat would make to warn of an attack by use of safe, compressed air. This sound captures your dog’s attention, which gives you the distinct opportunity to correct with better behavior with commands like sit, stop, leave, or quiet.

Effective and humane training

If your dog won’t stop barking when a leaf falls off the tree outside, jumps excessively, steals food, digs, or chews on things that aren’t for chewing, you can use the Pet Corrector to safely and humanely stop the bad behavior for good.

Includes comprehensive training manual

With a manual that not only tells you how to properly use the Pet Corrector but also how to maximize your training efforts, you’ll soon find that the bad behaviors of your beloved pet vanish away.

Important Note: The Pet Corrector should only be used as directed. Do not ever point it directly into your dog’s face. It is not recommended to be used to train young puppies or any dogs that are sensitive or nervous. Please read the included comprehensive training instructions for proper and effective usage.

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