Nylon Bone Chew Toy

Give your dog plenty to chew over with a safe and durable chewy bone with a tasty bacon flavor that will keep him from chewing up everything in your home.

Made from safe materials

Oneisall Dog Toys knows how hard it is to find dog chew toys for aggressive chewers that are safe for pets yet stand up to the constant abuse of sharp teeth. This bone toy will give you complete peace of mind while your dog enjoys the complete satisfaction of chewing on food-grade nylon. No rubber here, just plenty of chew to get them through the day.

Keeps teeth healthy

In addition to being safe for your dog, the food-grade nylon helps keep doggie teeth clean and healthy. Better dental health means your dog will have healthier checkups at the vet too.

Tasty bacon flavor

Your dog will be drawn to the delicious taste of bacon with this incredible chewy bone. That buys you enough time to eat dinner without getting begged for a taste! Besides, who doesn’t love the irresistible flavors of bacon?

Unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee to assure confidence

If you or your dog isn’t happy with the bone, contact us and let us make you both happy!

Tips for your Oneisall Nylon Bone Chewey Toy:

  • Replace it every 6 months if you have an aggressive chewer for safety reasons.
  • Choose the right size and type for your dog’s specifications (age, weight, and chewing strength) to ensure your chew lasts.
  • Practice safety by watching your pet while they play with their toys.
  • Chew shouldn’t be ingested. If it starts breaking apart, take it away.
  • Call your vet if your dog has swallowed any of the chew toy.

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