If you have a large long-haired dog, get the hair control you need with the FURminator De-shedding Tool to help ease your vacuuming efforts and keep your dog comfortable.

Durable stainless steel de-shedding edge

Comb through the topcoat of your pet’s long hair with absolute ease to get to the undercoat. Release loose, shed hair and keep it from landing all over your clothes, furnishings, and flooring.

No damage to the coat or your pet’s skin

Safety is always a concern for pet owners. No one ever wants to use something that could cause their pet harm or discomfort. The FURminator ensures that the unique design removes only errant hairs without destroying the topcoat or puncturing your pet’s skin.

Easy to clean

Don’t waste time pulling shed hair out of the FURminator! The FURejector button makes it easy to release all that shed hair with one touch. No more mess!

Ideal for large long-haired dogs

Created for the parents of large, long-haired fur-babies, this brilliant tool was made for large dogs 51 to 90lbs to effectively combat all that loose fur. Vacuuming never gets it all, but with the FURminator, you can keep loose hairs from getting everywhere by getting them at the source.

Comfortable to use for you and your pet

The ergonomic handle makes it easy for you to use while the unique design makes it a comfortable experience for your dog both during and after the de-shedding has taken place.

Made by the creators that bring you innovative shedding solutions through de-shedding tools, grooming tools, bathing, hygiene, and hair-care solutions, you can trust FURminator to make caring for your long-haired dog even easier. Stop wasting time cleaning and start spending more time enjoying the companionship of your beautiful pet!

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