Dremel – Dog Nail Trimmers

Make nail-clipping and grooming safer and easier on your pet with the Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Tool for less stress on all accounts!

Two rotation speeds for ease of use

With a high (13,000RPM) or low (6,500RPM) speed setting, you’ll find the perfect option to soothe your pet’s comfort level while getting the exact control you need with a 60-grit sanding drum for harmless and humane nail trimming.

Quick, easy, and safe

No more struggling with clippers! You’ll never over-clip your beloved pet’s nails again. The Dremel Pet Nail Groomer gently grinds long nails down quickly without any pain. It helps keep nails the proper length without the chance for trimming off too much or snagging the skin.

Speedy recharge means it will be ready when you are for complete cordless control

The battery can recharge in only 3 hours, making it easy to have ready when you need it. A helpful LED light shows you when the battery is charging properly. Without cords to get tangled in, it’s an even better option for grooming your pet’s nails, one that makes the experience effortless for you both.

Comes with 2-year warranty

Buy with confidence knowing you’re covered with a 2-year warranty that assures you’ll be happy with this device for safely trimming the nails of your pets.


  • Dremel device
  • Dremel sanding drums and bands
  • 3-hour battery charger
  • 755-01 4.8V battery
  • 2-year warranty

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