Dog Training Crate

Is your dog anxious and nervous?  Letting out frustration by chewing everything in your house? Or, maybe just wants a cozy comfy place to lay low? A secure crate with a posh pad provides your pal a relaxing place they can call their own.

This metal dog training crate will give your dog their own private space to den in, so they don’t feel exposed. Plus, in the confined space of the den environment they see as their own, your puppy will be more likely to “hold it in” until they go outside. This will decrease accidents and speed-up potty training. Also good for crate training an older dog for them to have a place to lay-low.

  • Folding metal dog crate
  • Dimensions 42L x 30W x 28H inches – is suitable for large dog breeds between 71 – 90 pounds (other sizes available, choose your size after you click the product link)
  • Leak-proof plastic pan
  • Assembles easily NO TOOLS & folds flat for storage, travel & portability whether you are home or away.
  • Durable metal construction creates a safe place while you are away & gives your dog the den it instinctually desires.
  • Reduces bad behaviors like chewing and barking.
  • Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Not True! Crate training an older dog is no different than a young dog. 

Accelerates housebreaking!

An Essential Tool for Behavioral Dog Training and an Emotional Safe Palace for Your Best Friend

If you have a dog with behavioral problems or puppy, keeping them confined while unsupervised will help teach them boundaries and limitations. This crate training, in conjunction with proper direction and guidance when they are supervised, will ensure your dog learns how to make good decisions and lead a balanced life.

Dogs behave destructively when they are not kept in a dog training crate

Provides your dog a personal den to feel safe and secure!

Dogs are denning animals and they have a strong desire for shelter. Around your house, if they have no place of their own, they will be reduced to curling up under a coffee table or some quiet corner of the house. A proper dog crate with fitted pad and proper crate training allows them to den-up whenever they want.

Features & Benefits

  • Great ventilation and visibility
  • Give your best friend a secure environment
  • Durable black E-coat finish
  • Safe rounded corners
  • Elegant design folds-down for storage
  • 1-2-3 assembly

Suggestions for Use

The dog training crate should be a size that will give adequate room when your dog grows to its full, adult size. Tall enough to stand up without hunching over and to lie down with legs extended. Though, shouldn’t be too large or it won’t give them that cozy feeling that dogs love.

  • Gradually introduce your dog or puppy in the crate. You should never force the dog into the crate, and it should be a positive experience. Try using food or toys and allow them to acclimate in the crate before closing the door and locking them in.
  • Remove collar, tags, and leads from your dog before he goes in his crate.
  • If your dog has behavioral problems, then a crate training them will only be part of the solution; be sure to consult with a professional trainer

1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Robust Wire Construction & Strong Latches

The doors open large and wide with low thresholds make entrance and exit a breeze. Easy-slide bolt latches keep your dog secure and safe in a reliably contained environment, while the open design provides proper ventilation

Easily Folds Down for Storage

Can be quickly assembled by one person with NO TOOLS. The crate quickly folds up in seconds for storage and transport.

Cleanable and Durable Plastic Pan

The pan comes out with ease by simply unhooking the wire Pan Stop, you can remove and clean with mild soap and water.

leak-proof pan lines this dog training crate and can be easily removed for cleaning

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